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  • What is Fixed by Fitness?
    Fixed by Fitness (FXF) is a personal training studio where master personal trainers help adults live an overall better quality of life. We're fitness experts who use fitness to help our clients get stronger, decrease daily aches/pains, improve balance, feel healthier, increase energy, and like what they see in the mirror. We also have massage and stretch therapists to complement the work our clients do in the gym.
  • How is Fixed by Fitness different from other gyms or personal trainers?
    Our personal trainers are required to have years of training experience and advanced certifications related to working with our target demographic, including being Corrective Exercise Specialists. We don't have new or inexperienced trainers. We're continuous learners and coaches whose goal is making training enjoyable and informative. The process of becoming a trainer at FXF is highly selective, with only the most qualified trainers being offered a position. In addition to the high quality of training, we find ourselves attracting people who typically are not "gym people." The studio atmosphere is welcoming and not the intimidating experience found at many gyms.
  • Who do FXF trainers work with?
    Typically, our clients are everyday adults in their 30s or older who just want a better quality of life. That includes wanting to look good, feel strong, and be capable without physical limitations. Additionally, we specialize working with people who have recurring aches/pains limiting their ability to function pain-free on a daily basis. We specialize working with middle-age and older adults, but we do work with younger clientele as well.
  • Where is FXF?
    Our address is 3601 W. William Cannon Dr. Ste 50, Austin, TX 78749. We're located in the Southcross Shopping Center on William Cannon directly behind Austin Modern Dentistry.
  • What are your open hours?
    We train by appointment only, so while we don't have set hours of operation, you'll typically find people training here at these times: Monday - Friday: 5 am - 7:30 pm Saturday & Sunday: 8 am - 1 pm
  • Do you take insurance?
    No, unfortunately fitness doesn't fall under the health insurance umbrella at this time.
  • How do I get started with personal training?
    Everyone starts with a consultation where you'll meet with an FXF personal trainer one-on-one. To book a consult, click here.
  • Who do I reach out to with more questions?
    You can reach out to the owner, Steve Appelhans, at or by texting/calling 512-777-1036.
  • What should I expect during our consultation?
    Consultations typically take less than an hour. We start by discussing your health & injury history, exercise experience, goals, etc. to give us a framework to work from. Then, we take you through a fitness-based movement assessment to begin to understand your starting point and how we can help. We finish up with offering you our recommendation for your program to achieve your desired result.
  • Should I dress to work out?
    Yes, wear clothes comfortable to exercise in.
  • Is the movement assessment a hard workout?
    No. It will potentially be challenging, but it's designed to give us a better idea of how you move naturally and where your program should begin.
  • What is the structure for a personal training session?
    Individual training programs slightly differ, but most training programs consist of: •Movement & Mobility Training •Resistance Training •Cardiovascular Training Essentially that means you'll be working on: 1) how you move, 2) your strength while moving, and 3) your endurance while moving. Clients typically train between 1-3 times per week (twice is most common).
  • What are your prices?
    Session prices vary between $90-61 per session. All clients begin with the New Client Special, which is 4 sessions for $320. For a full list of prices, visit our Training Info & Prices and Bodywork Info & Prices pages.
  • How often do clients train at FXF?
    Most commonly, clients train 2 times per week. However, everyone's program is unique so we have options for clients to train 1, 2, or 3 times per week.
  • How do your personal training subscriptions work?
    Clients sign up for a subscription of 6, 12, or 18 sessions. The subscription renews once the last session of the subscription has been used unless previously canceled. Typically, clients who choose 6 sessions train once/week, 12 sessions train twice/week, and 18 sessions train three times/week.
  • How long do sessions last?
    All sessions are 50-minutes long.
  • Do clients get workouts to do outside of sessions?
    Sometimes! We determine to best path for success for you, and often times that inclues doing some type of exercise outside of our session times.
  • What should I expect from a massage at Fixed by Fitness?
    Massage at Fixed by Fitness is aimed at helping your body restore range of motion, decrease muscle/joint tension, and get rid of nagging aches and pains. It's meant to be therapeutic, not necessarily relaxing like a traditional spa experience. Our therapists use a variety of techniques depending on your requests and needs.
  • What should I expect from assisted stretching at Fixed by Fitness?
    Assisted Stretching at Fixed by Fitness is aimed at helping your body restore range of motion, decrease muscle/joint tension, and get rid of nagging aches and pains. Our stretch therapist uses a variety of techniques depending on your requests and needs.
  • Do I need to be a personal training client to book massage or assisted stretching?
    No. Anyone can book a massage or assisted stretching. To book, click here.
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