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Personal Training Info & Prices

Who Are We?

We're Certified Personal Trainers with advanced certifications focused on corrective exercise. All trainers have at least 5 years of experience. We're continuous learners and coaches whose goal is making training enjoyable and informative.

Who We Train

Our clients are typically 40+ & want a better quality of life. Most understand that exercise can help you live a healthier life with less aches, pains, and limitations. Most want to get stronger and move better. Click here for a list of common conditions we help.

How Does Training Work?

Everyone is slightly different, but most training programs consist of:

•Movement & Mobility Training  •Resistance Training •Cardiovascular Training


Clients typically train between 1-3 times per week (twice is most common). 

How Do I Start?

Everyone begins with a free consultation with a trainer. We want to ensure we're a good fit for each other. The first 15-25 minutes are spent discussing your health/injury history, exercise experience, goals, etc. The next 10-15 minutes are spent doing exercise assessments to give us a baseline for you. The remaining time is spent presenting our honest recommendation for you, based on the information we have thus far.

I Have More Questions

First, check out our FAQ section. Or you can always shoot us a text at 512-777-1036 for a direct response.

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After the Intro Special...

• Continue with Private Training or move to Semi-Private Training (if available)

• 6-week subscriptions, auto-renewing on last session

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