Bodywork Info & Prices

Who Are We?

We have two licensed massage therapists with vast experience helping people through aches, pain, tightness, etc. They are both also personal trainers, so they understands how to pair bodywork with exercise for lasting results.

Who Gets Bodywork?

Our clients are typically similar to our personal training clients, which means 40+ & want a better quality of life. Most understand that bodywork can help you live a healthier life with less aches, pains, and limitations -- especially when paired with the appropriate exercises. Our clients are looking to feel & move better, not for a spa experience.

What is Bodywork?

Bodywork is our all-encompassing term for massage and stretching. We employ a combination of techniques, including therapeutic, deep-tissue massage, myofascial release, trigger point, and assisted stretching based on your preference and needs. The goal is to help fix your tissue, and leave you feeling feeling and moving better.

I Have More Questions

First, check out our FAQ section. Or you can always shoot us a text at 512-777-1036 for a direct response.


Keegan Hanks

Bodywork Specialist




Bodywork Specialist


•Therapeutic Massage
•Deep Tissue
•Myofascial Release
•Trigger Point

•Assisted Stretching