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A South Austin Personal Training Studio

You're getting older, but you don't need to feel old. Our trainers have more than 90 years of combined experience helping people in Austin gain strength, lose weight, function better and reduce daily pain.

What is Fixed by Fitness?

Established in 2019, Fixed by Fitness is a South Austin personal training studio where our trainers provide coaching focused on improving your health and happiness to impact your quality of life. We use fitness to help you live your best life.


We've been personal trainers in South Austin for more than 90 years combined, each with an extensive background and education in exercise science. 

  • We offer private (1-on-1) and semi-private (1-on-up-to-3) personal training at our studio.

  • We train people with all types of goals, but the common thread is an emphasis on lifestyle improvement. If you want to max your squat or prep for a physique competition, we aren't the right trainers for you.

  • Our sessions are typically 50 minutes long, and most clients train 2-3 times per week.

  • We use a combination of resistance training, cardiovascular training, stretching, mobility and corrective exercise to help you achieve your goals. 

“I never thought I needed a personal trainer until I started working out at Fixed by Fitness. My only regret is not starting earlier!”

- You, after training at FXF

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