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(Fixed by Fitness was formerly Anatomic Fitness)
"I've been training for over 4 years. Before training, I would say I had a pretty sedentary lifestyle. I never went to the gym. Every now and then I would start running or doing cardio on my own, but that would only last a few months before I gave up."


(Fixed by Fitness was formerly Anatomic Fitness)
"I think what makes Steve different is that he doesn't have a one-size-fits-all template. He customizes every workout for every individual based on where they are and where their goals are. I think that's really different from other trainers where I see them doing the same routine with every person. Steve really takes into account your individual situation."

Jonathan & Cheryl

(Fixed by Fitness was formerly Anatomic Fitness)

"I had an injury in my shoulder. And Steve really helped me with that. He taught me some simple exercises to help me rehab with that. But what was really cool was that he was able to customize my workouts to strengthen the rest of my shoulder and upper body so it protected my shoulder as it healed. So instead of losing ground, I actually gained ground throughout the process. But now it's fine, I can do what I want!"


(Fixed by Fitness was formerly Anatomic Fitness)
"A lot of these things - deadlifting, squats - I couldn't do that when I was younger. The fact that I can do them now at my age is a huge success. It's actually reversed my age and functionality, so now I'm functioning more like I was in my 50s and 40s."


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