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What We Offer

You're an individual with unique needs from your exercise program, and we recognize that. So in short, we offer an answer to the question "What should I be doing for exercise?"

But honestly, the answer is much more than that. We're offering a learning experience and sustained self-improvement. Regardless of your starting point, you'll gain insight about how your body functions, how training translates to your everyday life, the steps it truly takes to reach your goals, and much more. We're always learning, which means you will be, too. And of course you'll get to experience workouts with seasoned trainers that leave you feeling accomplished.

All of our training is done at our studio in South Austin. We offer two different, but similar, ways to work with us: privately (1-on-1) or semi-privately (1-on-up-to-3). We typically require beginning with private training before transitioning to semi-private training after reaching a certain ability and knowledge level.

Private Personal Training

This is where you start. Just you and your trainer working together to make a better feeling and better looking you. After awhile, you can graduate to the semi-private option. Or if you don't like sharing (eh hem, like Melanie up there), you can always choose to stick with 1-on-1s.

Semi-Private Personal Training

After your trainer deems you ready, you'll have the option for semi-private training. You still have your trainer and your specific program, you're just training at the same time as up to 2 other people. Your coach's attention won't be on you 100% of the time like with 1-on-1s, but we're really good at multi-tasking so you'll hardly notice.