Services We Offer

Fixed by Fitness offers private (1-on-1) and semi-private (1-on-up-to-3) personal training at our South Austin studio.  


All new clients must train privately before getting the option to transition to semi-private training.

Included as part of your training experience is:

  • Resistance & Movement Training

  • Stretching & Myofascial Release

  • Cardiovascular Training

  • Personalized, All-Inclusive Program

  • Nutrition Education

  • Goal-Setting & Accountability

private training

This is where you start. Just you and your trainer working together to make a better feeling and better looking you. After awhile, you can graduate to the semi-private option. Or if you don't like sharing, you can always choose to stick with 1-on-1s.

semi-private training

After your trainer deems you ready, you'll have the option for semi-private training. You still have your trainer and your specific program, you're just training at the same time as up to 2 other people. Your coach's attention won't be on you 100% of the time like with 1-on-1s, but we're really good at multi-tasking so you'll hardly notice.

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Fixed by Fitness is a personal training studio and service. We are professional, certified personal trainers and use of our services is intended for recreational purposes only. By viewing our website, you are voluntarily agreeing to our privacy policy. Click here for full terms of our privacy policy.

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