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Bodywork Info & Prices

Who Are We?

We have a licensed massage therapist (Colin) and a certified stretch practitioner (Ciceley) with vast experience helping people through aches, pain, tightness, etc. Both specialists help provide relief and make muscles/joints happy.

Who Gets Bodywork?

Our clients are typically similar to our personal training clients, which means 40+ & want a better quality of life. Most understand that bodywork can help you live a healthier life with less aches, pains, and limitations -- especially when paired with the appropriate exercises. Our clients are looking to feel & move better, not for a spa experience.

What is Bodywork?

Bodywork is our all-encompassing term for massage and stretching. We employ a combination of techniques depending on your preference and needs. The goal is to help fix your tissue, and leave you feeling and moving better.

I Have More Questions

First, check out our FAQ section. Or you can always shoot us a text at 512-777-1036 for a direct response.

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Ciceley Fullylove

Certified Stretch Practitioner


Colin Carr

Licensed Massage Therapist

Neurosomatic Therapist

IMS 3 CHEK Practitioner



  • Assisted Stretching

  • PNF Stretching


  • Therapeutic Massage

  • Deep Tissue

  • Myofascial Release

  • Trigger Point

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